Emergency Response

EPS was contracted by a major pipeline company to determine the degree of surficial water contamination that had migrated to a lake in northeast Texas. The contamination originated from a pipeline rupture that occurred approximately 30 miles upstream from the lake. Approximately 600,000 gallons of refined gasoline, containing MTBE, was lost during the pipeline rupture. Dissolved-phase hydrocarbons, primarily MTBE, migrated within a creek and down into the lake. EPS was contacted to utilize its mobile laboratory on site. Initially, all water samples were shipped to certified laboratories for rapid 24-hr. turnaround results. Once it was determined that EPS's mobile laboratory provided quantifiable results comparable to the certified lab's, and that results could be obtained every fifteen minutes rather than overnight, it was determined that EPS's mobile lab would be utilized strictly to analyze all samples. Once lake-water contaminant levels had fallen below safe drinking water levels, EPS assisted in collecting soil samples at the rupture site to determine the extent of the soil contamination. The project has recently been completed and closed by the State of Texas.