Commercial Real Estate Transfers

EPS was contracted by a large petroleum company to determine the presence and/or absence of any petroleum-related soil or groundwater contamination that may have existed at several of its substations. The substations were part of a property transferral to another gas company. Both parties involved agreed to contract with EPS personnel to perform the site assessments. Under the direct supervision of the petroleum company's consultant firm, ten (10) of the sub-station sites were assessed within one working week. EPS has been contracted to perform Phase II assessments at various sites throughout the central US. Any possible sources of contamination were investigated on the sites or coming from adjacent properties. Soils were profiled and lithologies determined. Evidence of contamination was noted. Soil and groundwater samples were collected and analyzed to determine the existence of any volatile compounds (VOC's). Environmental Priority Service, Inc. 2 Final reports were submitted including maps with hole locations and detailed explanations of procedures and findings. The properties have currently been sold at the lender's approval. EPS was contracted by another consultant firm to perform a groundwater investigation at a vacant site in Wichita, Ks. The groundwater underlying the property was analyzed at the lender's request to determine the presence or absence of any VOC's. It was determined that the groundwater was free of any contamination, and the property was sold. EPS was contracted to determine the existence/absence of any petroleum- related contamination located within the soil and/or groundwater at a former bulk fuel plant in Abilene, Kansas. Several above-ground fuel storage tanks were located throughout the subject property. Groundwater samples were collected and analyzed on site. It was determined that the groundwater contained no detectable contamination and the property was sold. " EPS was contracted by a nationwide consultant firm to determine the lateral extent of the previously discovered groundwater contamination at a site in Omaha, Nebraska. An on-site monitoring well, installed within the excavation area of a former 500 gallon underground fuel storage tank, indicated a trace amount of free product floating on the groundwater. EPS collected and analyzed groundwater samples to determine the plume's boundaries. It was determined that Environmental Priority Service, Inc. 3 the hydrocarbon plume had not migrated beyond the boundaries of the former excavation area. Therefore, the on-site monitoring well was converted to a recovery well, and the property was successfully sold.